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2013 fails last paper

AATstudAATstud LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 41
I have seen my result today & it says NOT YET COMPETENT. Level4 2013 Cash Management was my last paper. So disappointed. I think have to do Synoptic assessment. I have no idea about it.
Shall I go for Appeal procedure. Any suggestions.


  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    I am in the same boat!

    Cash management was my last exam and i would have finished, but i failed too, so yes we will have to do the synoptic.
  • AATstudAATstud LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 41
    thanks Sam13
    It is disappointing just sunk in the last paper. I think I have to go for synoptic + Cash & Treasury management + ISYS replacement paper (don't know which subject will be). I am on Distance learning with Kaplan. I was also looking forward to a job and due to no experience struggling for this as well.
  • AATstudAATstud LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 41
    I am not sure I have to re-sit Cash & Treasury Management + Synoptic if I fail Cash Management 2013. Any idea
  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    You have to resit the Cash management again but on the 2016 standards.

    You will also have to sit the Synoptic exam.

    Your ISYS report you wont need anymore as the AAT have replaced that with the synoptic in the AQ16 standards.
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    Unclear which optional modules you chose from your posts. I went for Business Tax and Credit Control. As far as I know you do not have to stick to Cash Management, though do have to do 1 optional module + the L4 synoptic

    I did Business Tax as distance learning, and Credit Control was self study with Osborne tutorial book and workbook (as they had no additional materials) plus the last BPP question bank from amazon. I found Business Tax not as difficult as expected, and Credit Control was totally doable as self study but has lots of detail and a lot of previously covered material, performance indicators which are quick easy marks.
  • AATstudAATstud LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 41
    thanks Adele69 I have fail Cash Management so I have to resit in Cash & Treasury Management.
    Any books recommended for Cash & Treasury Management as Kaplan books are not very good.
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I didn't do Cash Management as various accounts from people suggested it could be deceptively difficult. Obviously if the result was close like you got mostly met, and know which tasks to focus, if you have only sat it once before then it would make sense to carry on with Cash & Treasury Management, but I know people here who have done it a few times then tried a different module. I would search other topics people have asked about Cash Management to check what was said since there is little useful discussion on here compared to when I joined a few months into L2 in Dec 2014
  • sharpy92sharpy92 Registered Posts: 52
    I've just passed Cash & Treasury Management first time thankfully. I used the Kaplan books and found them useful.
  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    Any tips?

    I always get stuck on the written element but seem to fly through everything else..
  • sharpy92sharpy92 Registered Posts: 52
    I always ensure in the written questions I back my answers up with figures. For example task 5 is always a written task so in my answer I would put something along the lines of E.g. the cash sales have decreased by £XXX this is a variance of xx%. I then gave reasons behind any statement I made, at least 2 if possible. E.g. sales have decreased due to seasonal variations/decline in market spend etc.

    I also went overboard when asked for advantages and disadvantages and put as many as I could think of, as I assume the more you try the more chance of getting full marks for some of them. This seemed to work as I exceeded or met all the writing questions.

    I honestly think writing as much as you can helps as some things you write down that you may feel are common knowledge or not relevant could be exactly what the examiner is looking for.
  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    Thanks for the advice! Appreciate it :)
  • AATstudAATstud LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 41
    What I have to do for transformation. I ring Kaplan Students Service and they said I have to contact AAT for transformation. Is that right?
    I can’t call now as they shut at 5pm.
    Please advice.
  • AATstudAATstud LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 41
    I need to resit for cash & treasury management + synoptic.
    I want to ask books available for synoptic assessment is enough or I need to buy & consult other compulsory related subject books as well.
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