Tips for remembering formulae

Wondering if anyone has any mnemonics to help learn all of the formulas? I haven't got a great memory and these really help!
My husband told me about 2xcod and chips for EOQ any others would be really useful.
Thank you.


  • JoJoMis
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    Post-it notes! Post-it notes everywhere! My whole wall is full of them while in studying. I also like to quiz myself with formulas- put the question on one side of the note and the answer on another and put them all in a messy pile. If you get it right, it goes to a different pile and if you don't you put it back in.Once you've gotten rid of all of them from that first pile- YOU DO IT AGAIN! Loads of fun.
  • ToniF
    ToniF Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks a great tip
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