Is there a time limit in completing a level? Can you study module by module?

I have done a couple modules of levels four, can I quit and come back to it and just do he remaining modules a couple years later?

Also I studied with a college but what if I wanted to come back and just do certain modules, is that possible and how does it work with student loans?


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    I think it depends on how your being trained. I have a pre-recorded lectures, where they basically read the book to you but there is additional assistance. Im training through BPP and I get year and half, but can be extended as i do it in my own time. The risk of leaving it couple of years is you might need refreshers, especially when it comes to synoptic exams. My advice, is battle through, couple more exams and your part qualified. You can do it!! :)
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    The course layouts change every 3 years (current one being AQ2016, next one being AQ2019). This means that it would need to be completed by around December 2020, however some of the modules will carry over but that isn't for definite.
    I know that the college I studied at (Wiltshire College) offer the whole course and individual modules as well so it should be easy to cherry pick one exam at a time. Also there are plenty of online providers as well.

    I don't think you can do the modular route with student finance in England sadly.
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