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Setting Up in Bookkeeping

ben.aben.a Registered Posts: 4

I am MAAT AATQB and looking to setup a part-time, soley bookkeeping, business and I want to ensure I do not cross the line in to accounting.

The services I would look to offer are:
Producing sales invoices
Processing purchase invoices
Bank reconciliations
Credit control
Producing supplier payment reports
Producing a trial balance
Reconciliation of trial balances
Preparation of Self Assessment (up to the point of providing the figures for each box but not submitting)
VAT returns
Producing the statement of profit/loss
Producing the statement of financial position

Is there an I might be missing, thinking it may fall in to accounting rather than bookkeeping and is there anything I have listed that may fall in to accounting?

Before I start this, I will also be attending a few AAT events for setting up a business along with other events that will help the process.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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  • readerreader Experienced Mentor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,042
    Because of software the lines between bookkeeping and accounting is blurring, especially when the bookkeeper is very competent, e.g. can provide reconciliations for the items of the balance sheet, post journals for accruals, prepayments, depreciation, wages, interest on loans, corporation tax, final dividends, etc.

    Why do you not want to do accounting?

    You could include management accounts as well.

    You are pretty much offering the services of an accountant with the tax side of things, e.g. corporation tax and personal tax.
  • ben.aben.a Registered Posts: 4
    Thank you for your response reader.
    I just don't want to cross the lines of what i can offer under AAT.
    In my full time job I do all of the above (there is only myself in our accounts). There is an external ACCA accountant who comes in the check my work over along with offering advice oncorporation tax etc.
    So I am competent in all of the above mentioned tasks along with the further items you have added.

    Regarding the software, I was either going to use QUICKBOOKS or set up an MS EXCEL spread sheet.

    Taking everything I have mentioned, would you say I am ok offering the services I have mentioned?
  • yaqubyaqub Registered Posts: 3
    edited February 2018
    You may go to online job portal for your application like Indeed or you may use LinkedIn also for your job. you may also go to farther research to https://qanda.typicalstudent.org/site to find your better solution.

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