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Value/Menu Pricing

Can anyone offer any advise on how to make a start on value/menu pricing. I am currently just charging by the hour but feel that I need an alternative for different clients. TIA

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  • DieselberryDieselberry Registered Posts: 26
    So do you have any advise on how to work out fixed fees please?
  • DieselberryDieselberry Registered Posts: 26
    Well that sounds a lot easier than I thought!! I was expecting some complicated formula. Would you base the anticipated hours on turnover or transactions or both? Thanks
  • DieselberryDieselberry Registered Posts: 26
    Hi thanks both for your replies. I know the expected hours and also what I would normally charge per hour, but I just think it would sound expensive. They are looking for 25 hours/week they have an accountant and they have recommended me just for the bookkeeping. So far that's the only info I have, but they are a long established company so I would imagine they have software of some sort.
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