AAT Study Resources

I believe that the AAT really need to issue some more valuable resources for the Synoptic exam. My main concern being that fact that there is not a great deal of material for the budgeting question. The question asks about different types of budgets and I think that they could offer some more material for this subject - for instance how to spot what kind of budget is being used or the advantages and disadvantages of the budgets in question. I know you can find it in different textbooks but I don't want to have to go out and buy every text book under the sun!

Also, just a query for anyone who's taken the exam already, when answering the written questions does anyone manage to actually relate any of the questions being asked to the pre-release material? Like when I'm asked about weaknesses its always to one specific area which isn't covered in detail in the pre-release stuff. Any guidance on this whole exam would be helpful because I've failed it three times now!
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