Doctor working via Ltd compay

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Doctor supplying his services via a ltd company.

Is this VAT'able because he is supplying his labour to the private hospital?

Or is this non-VAT'able because he's supplying medical services (even though technically it is the private hospital that has been directly contracted by the patient to supply medical services)?


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    VAT exempt.

    If the doctor was providing his services to an agency, then it would be VATable.

    Thanks, Mick

    That's what my google research also seems to suggest as well.

    I've had a look at the contract between the Dr's Ltd company and Private Hospital/Clinic and he has been engaged for the provision of medical services.

    However the Rapid Sequence case shows that were there is an agency is involved, then as you suggest, it would be VAT'able.

    I wrote to HMRC VAT a couple of times regarding this matter and their response letters were very non committal and as such not very helpful.
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