Sample Assessment 2 task 1.10

I completed the second sample assessment and I was confident in my answer for task 1.10.

I read the question as you are to compare the actual figures for the year and what was forecasted for the year.

However when I looked at the model answer it seems that I had the whole concept wrong, by looking at the data for Brand A shoes It looks like the performance was better that forecasted, but the model answer shows a decrease in sales. It's almost like the forecasted figures are for the future and not for the year '20xx', but there is nothing in the question that suggests this as both the year for the actual and forecast figures are '20xx'.

Has anyone else struggled with this or have an explanation?

I have reviewed the model answer and I can see how they have arrived at the figures but I am just baffled as to how anyone is to know that the forecast is in the future when the year is the same as the actual.
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