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I am doing the y/e accounts for a Ltd co client. His expenses go on his personal credit card and he draws money from the company to reimburse the expenses. He hasn't provided any receipts but he has told me they are all business expenses. I can see that most of them are hotels, flights and subsistence so I allocate them accordingly.
I have created a list of the ones I am unsure of for him to clarify.
Now I have also found a few for Thai massages whilst in Bangkok - obviously fail the W+E+N test.
I am uneasy to put this on my list so I plan to either disallow straight away or put as a trivial benefit so as to avoid any embarrassing conversation. Would you do the same?

And just for fun - it reminded me of this thread on Aweb ;)


  • MarieNoelle
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    Thanks - and yes I know this is probably the best course of action. And as you say next year he may be more careful....
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    Agree with Mickdunee, an itemised director's loan account would make sense. As long as he confirms it he can't start arguing professional negligence later on.
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