Looking for Level 4 Osbourne books

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I am looking for level 4 2016 syllabus osbourne books to buy...


  • SandhyaSandhya Registered Posts: 5
    I tried there..couldn't find it :/
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    For which topics? I have some AQ2016 books, but only Financial Statements (in mandatory topics) and Business Tax (in optionals) which I used for AQ2013 last year and haven't got around to what I'm doing with them.

    Assumed no one would be interested, though might stick them on eBay as two bundles if not the case. The other Osborne L4 Financial Performance, Budgeting, Credit Control were all AQ2013 books.
  • SandhyaSandhya Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks..I was wondering if the 2013 books are good for 2016 syllabus as well..not sure..do you know ?
  • SandhyaSandhya Registered Posts: 5
    I would love to have the 2016 books...and if the 2013 books are good for 2016 qualification I would buy them as well...I am thinking of doing business and personal tax for the optional subjects..my email is [email protected]
    Thanks very much
  • SandhyaSandhya Registered Posts: 5
    Hi Adele,

    Are the books still available...

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