UACS Kaplan Which Sage

Hey everyone

Im down to my last exam - UACS, but i'm struggling to find out which Sage Kaplan use for exams.
Do I have to choose? Cause they sell text books for both Sage 50 and one.

Also which free trial do I download cause theres a few different versions (sage live, sage one accounting, sage payroll etc)

Any help would be appreciated, cheers!


  • shush
    shush Registered Posts: 5

    Not sure if you still need the information but I just sat UACS at Kaplan Islington and they use Sage One. I asked them beforehand too.
  • Rmartin
    Rmartin Registered Posts: 4
    Thanks, I rang them too, exam's next friday B):#
  • shush
    shush Registered Posts: 5
    Good luck!
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