Signing accounts before filing

When submiting the final accounts, is it acceptable to get the conformation from clients by replying back to the email writing 'i conform the accounts....' or do i really need to get it signed by them to submit?


  • T.C.
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    I would recommend full signing of accounts and this can be done over email, with scans etc. Always best to get a full and proper sign-off of accounts.
  • KoopaCooper
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    If we're in a hurry to submit accounts (day of deadline for instance) and know that the client is unlikely to get back to us in time, we will on those occasions often accept a simple statement by email along the lines of "I accept the accounts" before submitting.

    We do still stipulate that the client needs to send us a signed copy of the accounts as soon as possible for our permanent records though. And we're a little bit old-fashioned, as we do ask that the signed copy be hand-signed and returned by post, not signed electronically or returned by scan.

    (and a few clients can't seem to tell the difference between scanning documents, and taking blurry photos on a cameraphone with a big shadow of the client's hand obscuring half the picture... xD)
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