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Hi all,

When sitting the exams and imputing the years does it have to be this year IE 2018 or can it be a previous year like 2016? I tried doing the sample assessment and changed the system date to the 30/06/18 and the start of the financial year to 1/6/18. When i enter the opening balances for customers and suppliers I can only enter the date as 31/5/18 and not 1/6/18 as the question asks to do.

Any help on this would be great.




  • sarahmilsarahmil Registered Posts: 5
    I have the same situation and my exam is tomorrow. I am going to do as you have said i.e. enter opening balances of the last day of the previous accounting year, but when I run my reports just start them from the month that I entered the opening balances from unless they specify an exact month. (for example the customer activity for say give e particular month). This way when you run the audit trail etc. the opening balances will be included. I have no idea whether this is going to be acceptable but I cant see any other way of doing it.
    Not exactly much help, but at least you are not alone!
    Good luck.
  • tandas1986tandas1986 Registered Posts: 5
    how long are you guys been studying the Level 2 for
  • Chrisb76Chrisb76 Registered Posts: 7
    How did you get on Sarah?

    I've been studying level 2 since August.
  • tandas1986tandas1986 Registered Posts: 5
    Do you have other qualifications
  • sarahmilsarahmil Registered Posts: 5
    Hi, I won't get the results for up to 6 weeks. It was OK, the computer was very slow and I had a few problems scrolling through the menus.... I thought it was me but it turned out to be my computer! So I wasted a bit of time before asking for help and then got a bit stressed because of the time! I had about 10 minutes to spare at the end so it was OK. I did as I said and put the opening balances as the last day of the previous year. Fingers crossed! I've been studying since last February and that was my last test for level 2. If you get the chance I've seen a lot of people doing the synoptic and sage on same day. I'm a bit gutted I've got to wait possibly another 6 weeks to find out my overall pass. Already got level 3 books at home ready to start!
  • tandas1986tandas1986 Registered Posts: 5
    Do not worry you can still start revising other units, I have realised that Advanced Book Keeping and Management Accounting is a build up from level 2 so can be useful for synoptic as well for level 3 learning
  • Chrisb76Chrisb76 Registered Posts: 7
    This will be my first qualification in finance. It's a career change. How about you?
  • tandas1986tandas1986 Registered Posts: 5
    my first qualification in finance, but I have a degree 7 years ago...have you worked in finance before, and do you have degrees here
  • Chrisb76Chrisb76 Registered Posts: 7
    I've never worked in finance before. My qualifications are in aviation.
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