RE: Work Flow Max vs. Xero Projects

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Anyone use Work Flow Max and Xero Projects heavily?

Any thoughts on either one or which one you/your clients prefer?

Also, any expensify users out there? Thoughts, please.


  • MarieNoelle
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    Can't comment on work flow/ Xero Projects

    I have experience of Expensify as an employee user, so again not sure this would be useful to you. Easy to use, screenshot expenses and allocate categories. Or email PDF straight to them (a bit like AutoEntry). Can calculate mileage for you by entering address/ postcodes. Deals with multi currencies. No idea of cost though...
  • reader
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    What is slightly confusing is Xero also offer their own picture capture expenses function. Although I don't think they offer the mileage and multi currency for expenses.

    Xero also offer their own project function which seems similar to work flow max.

    Might just ask my client to pay the extra £5 for projects and if they still need more then move them onto wfm and/or expensify
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