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So Ive taken my CTRM twice now and got a 59% and a 68% - I genuinely thought I study enough to pass the second time round.

I was wondering If anyone passed CTRM and what exam papers they studied from.
Feel free to drop any tips .

Thank you


  • lucym96lucym96 Registered Posts: 23
    I've got my resit on Monday - I've passed all of the others with over 80% and only failed this one...
    So frustrating isn't it! Going to give it one last go before trying another optional unit I think - this one just has so much content compared to the others. But hopefully I'll pass second time around. I've just been using Kaplan study kit and the sample assessments on AAT website, you?
  • AishaaHAishaaH Registered Posts: 7
    @lucym96 I've been using the kaplan exam kit and some bpp question papers, Its frustrating me that I haven't passed it and its my last exam, I've practiced from all the resources I have, So i feel like it wont be as helpful anymore,

    If you want a copy of the bpp exam questions let me know.

  • lucym96lucym96 Registered Posts: 23
    @AishaaH aw thanks! I’ve just took my resit and it didn’t go very well! Aside from waiting on synoptic results it’s my last one too and from today I don’t think I’ve passed again! Frustrating, cash seems so much longer than the other optional units, might have to give personal tax or audit a go...! 10 tasks in 2 and a half hours with 3 being written is quite challenging too, never mind the content...
  • AishaaHAishaaH Registered Posts: 7
    @lucym96 I really do recommend audit, There are more task than the other optionals but its fairly easy once you know what your doing, The study resources from kaplan for audit is really helpful and the exams just like the mocks.

    For synoptic I have Bpp study papers as well which helped me, my first sitting I failed unfortunately but the second time around I passed
  • lucym96lucym96 Registered Posts: 23
    @AishaaH I might give it a go if I fail again... which is likely! Feeling okay about the synoptic, especially compared to cash haha but we will wait and see! Thanks for your help :)
  • AishaaHAishaaH Registered Posts: 7
    @lucym96 Let me know how it goes! hope it goes well for both of us !!
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