Company applied to be struck off company register - when to pay Corporation Tax?

My client has applied for a company to be struck off Companies Register. When does he needs to submit final accounts and when to pay for Corporation Tax?


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    Hi @Agnese_Liepa
    Do you mean your client has already submitted a DS01 to Co House? How long ago did he file it and when are the accounts due?
    If you think there is CT to pay, and HMRC are expecting a return then they may well object to the strike off. The steps should have been to file the accounts and final return, pay the CT, pay any remaining creditors, extract the remaining cash at bank then complete the DS01 where the directors certify that there are no other creditors.
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    If the company is struck off before the corporation tax is paid you will need to restore the company in order to pay the corporation tax due. Company restoration is very expensive and difficult once a DS01 has been submitted and involves applying to the Courts.

    Also, when the company is struck off the company bank account will be frozen. Therefore your client should empty his company bank account ASAP.

    Good luck
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    1) 31 Mar 2017 - 30 Mar 2018 Ltd original accounting
    2) 2 Dec 2017 - Ltd Stopped trading
    3) 11 Jan 2018 - Ltd sent DS01 form
    4) 14 Jan 2018 - new accounting period shortend to (31 Mar 2017 - 2 Dec 2017)
    5) 25 Feb 2018 - Final Accounts submitted to HMRC and Companies House
    6) 01 March 2018 - paid Corporation Tax bill £79.00
    7) As of today 11 March 2018 Ltd status still on Companies House website: Active — Active proposal to strike off
    When does the status changes to
    Many thanks.
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    edited March 2018
    The active proposal should last for around 3 months.

    However this 3 month period may have reset every time you submitted something new to Companies House.

    The DS01 should be the last document submitted, not the first document.

    You also did not need to change the accounting period with companies house and submit accounts to companies house.

    The company bank accounts should also be empty.

    Companies house has a telephone number that you could have used to confirm all of this.
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