Would you have a problem with this as a parent?

I am a year 6 primary teacher and don't let children go to the loo during lessons.


  • KoopaCooper
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    By year 6, I would expect a child to have the good sense to go during the break or lunchtime period, unless they suddenly and urgently felt the need to during class time.

    Then again, I'm sure we're all aware that commonsense really isn't that common these days... :P

    For a younger child though, yes, I would think it a bit on the strict side.
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  • hal978
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    Some people need to go more frequently to the bathroom due to their illness or disability, for example diabetics whose blood sugar is high, so it can actually be in breach of the Equality Act for a teacher to do this and can get into trouble. So if I was a parent, yes I would have a problem with it.
  • Convict224
    Convict224 Registered Posts: 6
    When my son was at school he was denied permission and ended up soiling himself. It was a humiliation he never recovered from. He has left school now but hasn't kept in touch with one fellow student because he can't bear if anyone should discuss it.
    A good teacher should know their pupil well enough to realise if it is genuine or not.
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