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Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of researching the AAT Self-Study route for my partner. She's currently 23 and is hoping for a career change, and as I've just recently qualified for the ACCA, I suggested that she should take the AAT as a first step to a new career!

With that said, we've done a bit of research and need a bit of advice and some confirmation.

We are currently going down the self-study route, with me being a good source of advice as well as the flexibility that we require due to her job.

We are looking at the textbooks similar to:-
and buy all the textbooks relevant to the syllabus - would these be the right materials?

We also have questions in regards to the exams that she'll be required to sit.
To my understanding, she'll have to sit 5 exams - one for each part of the syllabus, but does she also have to sit the synoptic one?

At what point would she be able to say she's got an AAT - Level 2 foundation certificate in accounting?



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    She would need to do levels 2 - 4 before she can say she has done AAT. Just doing level 2 means she's part qualified. She would need 1 year's worth of work experience on top of levels 2 - 4 before she can be a member of AAT and get a practising certificate.

    It will probably take around 2-3 years to do AAT.

    She will be exempt from F1-F3 should she go onto ACCA.

    You should be able to work out what book to get by looking at the BPP, Kaplan and AAT website, and checking the syllabus.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Our plan actually is for her to just get the level 2 for now so she can apply for entry level accounting and finance roles with that under her belt. After that, the plan is to get study support to get the MAAT.

    Before all that though, we're more concerned about what exams she has to take to simply pass level 2. To our understanding is that before she can be part qualified, she has to take an exam for each part of the level 2 syllabus...but not sure if the synoptic exam is also required.

    And even after all that, what indication is there to show that she has now achieved level 2.
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    Yes she does need to do the synoptic assessment for each level she wants to take.
  • reader
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    She would get a certificate at the end of level 2
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