UACS - Results waiting time? Any quicker than 6 weeks?


I've sat my last exam for Level 2 and it was the UACS. I'm already driving myself mad keep checking my results page to see if I've passed. Does anyone have any recent experience of getting their results for this? Is it likely to be the full 6 weeks or is it worth keep checking every day??? Just in case... If I've passed then I've finished Level 2 and want to know my final pass score!


  • Rmartin
    Rmartin Registered Posts: 4
    They’ll email you on the day they’re in so no need to keep checking like I did haha
    Came the very last day for me 6 weeks on the dot :'( :'(
  • sarahmil
    sarahmil Registered Posts: 5
    Thank you!! I've slowed to every other day!! Should be next Friday now anyway which is 6 weeks.
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