Getting results for calculation questions before written questions have been marked?

Hi, i’m Just wondering if it’s possible to find out if you’ve passed or failed the calculation questions before getting the overall result because I know they’re automatically marked as opposed to the written sections. But if you’ve already failed on the calculation questions, there’s no point having the rest marked, so they’d already know if you’d failed but not necessarily if you’ve passed. So my question is, can we request to find out if we’ve failed before the 6 weeks is up?


  • hal978
    hal978 LondonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 198
    You can get this with a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act (sorry to repeat this - but this really is the only way to get it). Even though they can take up to 40 days, they took 2 weeks to reply to mine - and it has a breakdown of the number of marks by task. That's why I have my percentages for my AQ2013 exams in my signature.
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