Assessment centre using Sage 50 2010 version

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Hi, I am new to this forum and wondering if I can get anyone's opinions on this. I took my UACS exam yesterday & requested Sage 50 which they provided. As I started the exam, I realised it's quite different as they gave me the 2010 version. I did point this out and they said it's the only version they have. I feel annoyed as I paid alot of money for this and surely AAT should take this seriously as it's very outdated. I don't feel I did as well as I should have done because of this and at one point, I had to raise my hand to say I didn't know how to create a trial balance. I managed it in the end but spent a lot of my valuable exam time trying to figure out what was what. I spoke to AAT who said they can't control what version assessment centres use and that I need to take it up with them directly which I will do but are they even allowed to do this? They should have at least told me that when I booked the exam as I would have took it elsewhere.

Thank you in advance
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