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Morning guys ,
I've travelled to sunny Farnburough last night , a gruelling 5 and a half hour drive for my Public speaking conference today !
Anyway , the whole way here I couldn't stop thinking about a conversation I had with a couple of members regarding this very forum .
It made me ask : Is the forum dead?
This made me incredibly sad , if you search by my name you can see how I joined the forum knowing literally nothing . Asking painful question after question , then gaining great support by students , members , tutors and of course aat .
This forum guided me , and helped me to get qualified .
Even after qualification I've jumped on and asked a question or given guidance when required although I'll guiltily admit that I could be around more now.
Since doing #aatstories , I often get messages from students or members wanting to start their own business and asking how ?. This is amazing , but let's make this forum great again and get asking more questions here .Or people like me may never get to qualified status .

AAT would love more interaction from students and members here , so let's make it easier
For them by posting our ideas for Forum future

-Post below your success stories
-encourage new students to join the forum -what are your ideas to raise the forums profile ?
-shall we start a Facebook page , instagram, twitter to share the forums posts and add all the members run by us the members and students ?
-what do you want to see on the forum ?
-topic of the day , for the members , like our own journals on things like capital gains , crypto , etc

The more we comment , chat and Connect, the more we grow and learn .

Anyway I'm off to speak to a room of 150 people about how AAT changed my life ..... how did it change yours ?

N xxx
Nicola Donnelly ,MAAT, MIP, CIMA Dip MA

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