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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know, as AAT licenced accountant, if we have to have Permanent file for each client? if yes where I can find it? I have check AAT website and CCH online and I cannot find it.

Also for Ani-money laundering do we have to do the risk assessment for all clients? is it this one in Anti-money Laundering tool kit?

Any other paper work we have to do?

MAny thanks


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    Yes, you would need a permanent file for any permanent information e.g. incorporation certificate, share certificates, articles, memorandum, etc. You can create your own permanent file. AAT or CCH are unlikely to give you anything.

    Yes, you should do a a risk assessment for each client. Yes, use the toolkit.

    Other paperwork would include:
    Letter of engagement
    Complaints procedure
    Getting registered with ICO
    Correspondence file, eg for any important emails, letters
    Working paper file, eg showing calculations for any tax returns submitted
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    Thank you for your answer
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