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Self studying AAT?

Hi all, I am aware similar threads have been made, however they don't entirely address my concerns.

I am on a gap year (between college and uni - I achieved quite a decent set of A levels in Aug 17), and discovered the AAT qualification a few days ago. I've went ahead and bought all the books needed for level 2 and level 3, and I've received mixed feedback regarding self studying. Is it possible for me to study at home and sit the exams?

Also could someone clarify what my position would be for the computer based projects/assessments - would I be able to sit these without registering to a training provider. I am trying to achieve these qualifications as soon as possible, I am willing to dedicate 3-4 days of study per week (6 hours per day).

I called up AAT and asked whether I could start AAT level 3 without doing level 2, they told me it's quite a popular choice for students. My plan is to complete level 2 within 3 months and then move onto level 3 if I'm confident in my ability. I have never done accounting, and my A levels are Psychology (A), Economics (B), Biology (C).

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


  • dumutrobadumutroba AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 264
    edited March 2018
    Hi there
    I think it is quite possibly to learn it through self study
    I never learned accounting before and I started with lvl 2 and got average of 95 percent pass rate, and English is my second language
    It took me 3 months to study the lvl 2 and then another 3 months to take the exams. By the time I was taking the synoptic I was studying for level 3 already. I work full-time
    It is possible to pass exams whenever and anywhere without training provider, this is exactly how I am doing it
    I am currently at lvl 3 and it is a slight upgrade from lvl 2 so I am stiking to self study

    Good luck in your studies
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  • gemma89gemma89 YorkshireRegistered Posts: 43
    Where do you start with self study? How do you know which books to buy as it says the AA16 books are for exams up to December 2018 - Do a new set of books come out in January 2019? As I have another exam for level 2 but then am thinking about self study level 3.
  • dumutrobadumutroba AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 264
    Don't worry about the new standard, aq2016 will be around for quite a while, aq2013 finished only last year.
    In terms of how I plan my study I buy the books from Osborne, it is easy because they are grouped by level so you can't go wrong.
    Then I plan my exams so I have certain timeline and don't loose focus. I book the dates with the closest exam centre (which is just 10 min from home, yay) and if needs be I reschedule.
    There is a recommend order at the Aat website and it is good to follow those
    AAT Level 2. 2018 Distinction
    AAT Level 3. 2018 Distinction
    AAT Level 4. 2019 FSLC 100% MABU 93% MADC 82% PDSY 80%
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  • gemma89gemma89 YorkshireRegistered Posts: 43
    I have looked at Kaplan books as I liked these for Level 2, just worried that they say for exams until December but I suppose I have 6 months to get them done. Do you just have the £92 to pay to AAT then and they provide the self support on their website - It wants me to put training provider in though, what do you put if you choose self study.

    It also says something about a fit and proper test - What is that all about?
    I am not wanting to go self employed, I hope to be employed in the profession
  • BradJones_FTABradJones_FTA LondonRegistered Posts: 23
    @gemma89 You pay the yearly membership to AAT which will then let you take the exams, without membership you can't take them anywhere. The added benefit is that you have access to the resources available through their site, such as mock exams and green light tests.

    I understand what you mean when AAT asks for your training provider. This happened to me and I just put BPP as these were the books I was using to study and they just happened to be a training provider too. It won't prevent you from sitting exams as an external candidate, so I'd put anything for now and give AAT a call to clarify that you are self-studying.

    I may be wrong, but I'm sure the 'Fit and proper test' is just a questionnaire which asks about bankruptcy, criminal past, and whether or not other providers have kicked you off for misconduct.

    Hope this helps.
  • gemma89gemma89 YorkshireRegistered Posts: 43
    Right okay that helps, just need to decide which provider has the best books. Kaplan want £190 for them which seems a tad expensive but might be the best option.

    Misconduct in the finance trade does that mean? Oh okay so like a DBS and credit check? - I was thinking well I couldn't run very far and how is that applicable to accounting!

    Is the fit and proper test just for self employment? I imagine anyone offering employment is accounting would do their own employee checks wouldn't they?
  • davealucasdavealucas LondonMAAT Posts: 85
    Hi Gemma,

    The fit and proper test applies to anyone in the accounting profession regardless of if they are employed or self-employed.
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