Pre seen material

I am doing my synoptic level 4 on the 30th of April and was just wandering if the pre seen material on the AAT website is the correct version to look at. I am unsure as it currently states it's version 01.09.16 and I am questioning if it is the still the same for the next exam and only changed every few years or updated before each exam sitting period.


  • sharpy92
    sharpy92 Registered Posts: 52

    The pre-release hasn't ever changed since the Synoptic came out so it's the one that's on the AAT study support.
  • dsg1978
    dsg1978 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 21
    Hi Sharpy

    Thank you for letting me know as i don't have a tutor and didn't know where else to ask.
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