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Morning everyone,

I am new to the forum and I am considering a change of career.

I have been looking into accountancy for the last couple of months and decided to finally take my first step towards it.

My question is how easy or difficult is it to get a job in the field once I obtain certain certificates level 2, level 3 etc... . I am currently working in an administrative role with no accountancy experience

I am aiming to self study level 2 to keep costs down as money is rather tight at the moment. I was wondering what the procedure for this is? Would it be register with aat as a member, pay the fee. Buy the level 2 books... Revise... Google anything I need help with... Then self book exams??



  • shush
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    I'm almost done with L2 (synoptic left, waiting for results of UACS) and I am self studying. I had my first exam on 10th March 2018. I originally signed up with a course with LSBF (for free, you may want to check them too) but I found the course material totally useless. It's basically the same material what you can find in Osborne books which I found sufficient on its own.

    I also used to work in administration (with some invoicing involved etc. but nothing advanced) and I'm starting a new job as an account assistant soon.

    I booked my exams with Kaplan - they make it very easy to book it via their website.

    If you have any further questions, let me know :)
  • Monty_jon
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    I’m hoping to do the same, I want to do Level 2 Bookkeeping.

    I’m unsure what books I would need to purchase and where to purchase them from any help would be much appreciated
  • shush
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    I bought the books from Osborne (online). You'd need to buy tutorials and workbooks. I know that Kaplan has their own as well and I may go with them for the next level.
  • Quirkydamsel
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    Hi Shush

    Regarding the Osborne study material, would I just need to look for one complete book for the 5 units, plus a workbook, or are they sold separately for the individual units? Apologies if you are unsure, you just appear to be very helpful 😊
    What about the synoptic, where does that come in ref the books? I'm studying with e-careers and I hate to say it but they are quite useless and do not offer hardly any support. Thieir forum lacks support and course question detail, I'm having issues with it all right now.

  • CSan89
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    Every subject has its own text books (a workbook and a question bank of some description).
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  • SimplyLearnFinance
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    The Osborne Books are very good and by buying them through Osborne you will gain access to the Student Zone which has extra learning materials. They may provide practice Synoptic tests as I have access to these in the Tutor Zone (I cannot see/access the student side anymore).

    If money is tight take a look on Amazon for older books and you will get a good understanding has to how the subject works. Just be aware that some things have changed in the past few years such as the way VAT is treat on discounts and the process for transacting these.
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  • Undlou
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    I have only just started level 2 too. It's easy to do without support and I am a slow learner. I have just got a job as a finance assistant which I will stay in until progress further in my studies.

    Good luck!
  • Quirkydamsel
    Quirkydamsel Registered Posts: 9
    I've really struggled, but I registered with E-Careers and whether it is the way they teach the subject, I just cannot understand it and I have experienced lots of issues. I truly believe a class room based course is far better, but it is not always convenient to study that way. Hope you are getting along okay.
  • MrsB123
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    @Quirkydamsel I already registered with e-careers and their course content is absolutely awful. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos and have bought some Osbourne work books which have helped. The AAT website is brilliant too. I barely use the e-careers website now as it doesn't cover the basics of bookkeeping and a lot of the course content is wrong anyway. So disappointed with it. Don't give up with it, keep watching videos, use a wide variety of websites and resources and it'll sink in. Promise.
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