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emma1801emma1801 Feels At HomePosts: 54Registered
Hi Does anyone have a privacy notice template that i could use for my clients please.


  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Posts: 520Administrator
    Hi Emma, you may find our recent GDPR event useful. You can watch the video here. There is information in there about where you can find templates. Skip to 1 hour 4 minutes for the references re templates available from ICO.
  • MarieNoelleMarieNoelle Trusted Regular Hampshire/Surrey borderPosts: 1,462Moderator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Hi Emma, bear in mind also that the AAT and other accounting and tax bodies are working on the wording of a new engagement letter to be released in the Summer.
  • emma1801emma1801 Feels At Home Posts: 54Registered
    Hi Marie thank you, that's a great help.
  • CsillaCsilla HounslowPosts: 1Registered
    New GDPR comes into force on the 25th May. AAT is drafting the new engagement letter to be released this summer? When?

    Am I missing something here?
  • LewinLewin HorleyPosts: 6FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    It's on the AAT website now.
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