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Any body use sage..

Susanb2911Susanb2911 Registered Posts: 2
Hi i am new to forum, I am AAT trained and have not worked in acounts for 3 years 1 have returned to work and I am using sage, for the first time.
silly question I know but when I use the bank option to record a payment to a supplier in sage does it take money from the bank account.
I see it as recording the receipt in sage but I cant find this written anywhere, and worried it i pay from the bank account this action will pay the supplier twice... I am writing up my notes from my first week at work... cant ask anyone as I am on my own most of the time, the previous book keeper only pops in from time to time. so I am training by watching videos and reading notes on sage, but this subject just shows how to record a receipt... any help would be much appreciated

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