MTD: HMRC is running user research sessions

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Are you a business owner that uses “assistive” or “adaptive” technologies?

HMRC is running user research sessions in order to understand how software choices will be made by users of assistive or adaptive technologies, as part of its development of Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB).

HMRC is looking for customers who match the following criteria:
1) Business owners, users of assistive or adaptive technologies, specialised computer access software or hardware due to disability or impairment, such as screen readers, voice input, alternative keyboard or pointing devices
2) Customers must be comfortable using a computer, the internet and other common software like Microsoft packages
3) Customers can be either accounting software users or non-accounting software users
4) Customers can be under or over the VAT threshold.

Sessions will be held after Easter 2018. Sessions can be held in person, in London, Dorset House, 27-45 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9PY, on the phone, via an online software or whatever is the most suitable and convenient method for the customer. Each session will last around 60 minutes and will involve a conversation, and an activity.

Please feel free to email Annicia Dariah if you are interested in participating. HMRC will then contact you again to arrange a suitable date and time.


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