Accounts start date?

Hi Folks,

I have my UACS exam tomorrow, feeling pretty good about it however on the mock assessment, The opening balances are dated June 1st but I can not actually date them June 1st unless I set the account date as the 2nd which then has a knock on effect for future transactions, Am I doing something wrong here?

If anyone can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.



  • SarahBurton
    SarahBurton Registered Posts: 2
    I had the same problem! Did you work it out?
  • karraline
    karraline Registered Posts: 5
    @SarahBurton Opening balances are automatically set on the day of the last financial year, in OP's case 31st May. Make sure you run the reports including the opening balances. E.g. last day of the previous month up until the last day of the current month.
  • BothyShaun
    BothyShaun Registered Posts: 2
    Yeah what Sarah said, Went well, just waiting on results now.
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