Accrual vs Good In transit

If services or goods have been provided but not invoiced in the current period do you
a) accrue for the Income (will be invoiced next period)
b) deal the deliveries as good in transit and amend the stock evaluation (goods have been delivered and signed for up to 2 weeks ago)

My knowledge and experience points me to a) but i'm being told b)

Are we both right?


  • reader
    reader Experienced Mentor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,042
    I would accrue the sale

    Ideally, you want to match the sale with the cost of the original purchase

    So I wouldn't include the goods in the closing stock figure

    That way the price of the goods would be in cost of goods sold

    And I would accrue the sale so that the purchase and sale are declared in the same period

    This should then enable accounts to be produced with the correct gross profit margin/mark-up
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