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Trying to start AAT

Hi everyone
I’m new here, I would like to start the AAT level 2 but I’m not sure with which academic do it
Could anyone help me,with which one do you recommend please
Thanks so much


  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 268
    Hi AdriPY, are you thinking of studying Online or attending a college/school? If you are planning online study then I would recommend studying with Premier Training. I have finished my Level 3 with them and now I am studying Level 4 with them. I am very impressed with their revision tools and how fast responding they are. They have MyPTA revision tool which basically has a lot of videos for each unit, assignments to do for each units which are marked by tutors! Also they do not charge much!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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