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I am posting this again in the hope that I get a response from somebody

I am one of the many people who have failed the MDCL exam and I am due to re-take at the end of April.

I am looking for some advice on other materials I can use to study for the resit, so I am as prepared as I can possibly be! I have used Osborne Books, Kaplan & AAT Material so far but clearly that isn't enough. Can anyone recommend using any other text books or revision kits? Or have links to practice papers that I could make use of?

Don't want to start spending money buying lots of different text books if they aren't any good.

Thanks in advance!


  • luciedriver
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    Following this..
  • April1234
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    I have my exam coming up, can you let me know what topics or type of questions that threw you off and why it through you off?

    Also i have been using BPP but its not like the exam style questions - i have heard Kaplan books are good but it looks like you already have used them.
  • fclarke
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    Hi April1234,

    I did the exam this time last year so quite a long time ago. I've been doing the other exams before sitting this one again.

    The reason I found it so hard was simply because there are questions in the exam that do not appear anywhere in the tutorials/textbooks/AAT practice material.

    I can't remember exactly what the questions were but it was just stupidly hard.

    I have used Kaplan and it has been good. But who knows if they have covered what AAT will actually put in the exam this time?!

    I've also seen people recommend the First Intuition study material which you can buy on their website so I'm going to look into that.

    Really hoping the fact they have reduced the tasks down to 8 will help me out. I achieved 61% last time so hoping to scrape through with 70% this time round.
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