Help Please! Sage 50 journal wages entry

I am currently working my way through studying on the Sage 50 materials from my provider (Accountancy Learning).

I think I am going crazy, I cannot get the Wages journal to add up. These are the figures:

Gross wages = £13068.52
PAYE = £2612.25
Employees NI = £1437.53
Net Wages = £9018.74
Employers NI = £1672.77

I have been entering on to sage as Gross wages and Employers NI Debits. The rest credits?

It does not tally up?

Where am I missing something, my head is spinning :)


  • crispy
    crispy Registered Posts: 465 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟

    Dr Gross Wages £ 13,068.52
    Dr Employers NI £ 1,672.77
    Cr PAYE £ 2,612.25
    Cr National Insurance £ 3,110.30
    Cr Net Wages £ 9,018.74

    Debits / Credits add up to £ 14,741.29

    My guess is you didn't include Employers NI also in the Cr Journal.

    HTH :)

  • Jpearce
    Jpearce Registered Posts: 6
    Yep that's it! Thank you so much. One of those days!
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