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Hi everyone

This is will be my fourth attempt after receiving 64%, 61% and 68%. I have appealed against the 68% but am still going to sit the assessment at the end of April 2018. I was wondering whether anyone had any advice/suggestions to how they had revised for this or how they are revising. I have used a wide range of training provider learning materials. Does anyone have suggestions to what training providers supply learning materials that are good?

The tasks I am getting low marks for are Task 2 and Task 4, so any advice for these in particular, and Task 6 would be appreciated. If anyone can provide examples of revision materials for these tasks (including numerical questions as well as writing) then this would be appreciated.

My hope for this discussion is so I will be able to help everyone to revise for this assessment.

Good luck to everyone that is sitting the assessment.



  • tinkerbell0406
    tinkerbell0406 Registered Posts: 58
    Hey I'm with you. This will be my third attempt. 65% and 58%....so good luck. Let's hope we get through this time.
    I am going over budgets for task two....i think you need to know them back to front.
  • jack93
    jack93 Registered Posts: 8
    Hi Nick,

    Have you had a response from AAT regarding your appeal? I got 68% and have appealed also bu haven't received the results back. AAT have said they haven't received many appeals this time so I should get it back any day now.
  • Nick4712
    Nick4712 Registered Posts: 11
    Hi @jack93

    No I have not. I spoke to them today and they told me 5 May??? Which is a Saturday. When did you appeal?
  • Nick4712
    Nick4712 Registered Posts: 11
    @tinkerbell0406 what in particular are you reading on budgets? Have you got any tips on revision that discusses the types of budgets and provides advantages and disadvantages
  • jack93
    jack93 Registered Posts: 8
    Hi @Nick4712

    I sent my appeal on the 29/03/2018 (results day) so 20 days from there is the 27/04/2018. But they have told me it could be anytime from now.
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