Indirect tax - is it an easier module?

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I have yet to cover this module on my course but I have gone over the sample assessments on the AAT site by using the reference material given on the sample assessment. Is it possible to pass the ITAX exam with just that knowledge of information given or is there additional information that you would need to know from other sources such as course notes.


  • Emmalouxx
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    Hi, Indirect tax isn’t necessarily the hardest in terms of knowledge but it is the most difficult to not slip up in. due to the fact multiple choice questions are often worth 3 marks, it can mean if you get the answer wrong you miss out on 3 marks. The AAT assessments are good and give you a good understanding of what the exam will be like but there is a lot more you need to know in terms of the accounting schemes, errors, vat returns and the rules. kaplan have some good resources and so do osbourne. there’s a lot of youtube videos and also the HMRC website is useful. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just use the AAT website as there is not enough to learn, that’s more to just back up your knowledge.

    I’d suggest going through the syllabus and examiners guide as this can teach you what you need to know
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    People say it is, but I don't agree, since you need to be reasonably comfortable with the rules (since you don't want to have to purely rely on the supplied reference material in the exam, as you will waste a lot of time) and the mechanics of doing a VAT Return. The main thing is doing a VAT Return.
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