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Self-teaching AAT level 3?

I am about to sit my synoptic exam for level 2 at the end of my apprenticeship, having done weekly/fortnightly lessons at college.

I want to self-teach level 3 but I'm not entirely sure exactly how it would work?

The main reason is that I feel that level 2 took me much longer than it needed to - all my exams were on set dates and, as it was part of an apprenticeship, I had to have a set number of learning hours before each. I don't feel that I needed all those hours for every unit and I would've liked to have a bit more freedom/choice in it. I also didn't have a great tutor so ended up teaching most of it to myself from the books (Osborne).

Is it as simple as buying the textbooks myself, studying and sitting the exams at my local centre?


  • CheesypeesyCheesypeesy MAAT Posts: 102
    Short answer, yes you can. You can buy the study material yourself amongst the different publishers and book exams when you're ready.

    I'd suggest going through the syllabus as you study to make sure you've covered the whole course. Self studying takes quite a bit of discipline, but it sounds like you're eager to progress so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Matthew Dearlove MAAT
    Currently on CIMA Management Level. Passed P2, F2 and E2. Preparing for November 19 MCS.
  • marven19marven19 Registered Posts: 12
    It does take discipline but is easily doable. I found the kaplan study books really helpful for the most part, and AAT study support is pretty good. It's much nicer going at your own pace whether that's quicker or slower than a training provider would offer. My tip would be book the exams as you go and not wait until you feel you are ready to sit the exam, it gives you a target date and motivation to study.
  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 268
    I've studied my Level 3 with Premier Training and I am doing L4 with them now - I can't fault them. College wanted to charge me nearly £2k for L3 where I've only paid £600 to Premier Training, again for L4 I've only paid £700.. Online study is awesome, no time restraints, nothing - finished my L3 within 6 months, took my exams whenever I wanted and I could go with my own pace - I didn't had to wait for someone to catch up and etc..
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • IzzyLIzzyL Registered Posts: 2
    I have studied level 2 and 3 in College - but I have also found that I could off prepare for the exams quicker then others.
    I have self study level 4 but it was AQ2013 the only part I needed the provider was Project all other exams I have purchased books (Osborne) I first book the exams and then prepare to them (I was on the deadline as I really did not want to go to AQ2016- so passed all exams in 4 months). It might be more difficult with new syllabus but definitely achievable. Good luck
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