How many spreadsheet tasks are there now?

The new mock only shows 2 spreadsheet down load tasks. It use to show 3?


  • masie35
    masie35 Registered Posts: 11
    @Kc2016 There is only 2 now and no indirect tax. Be aware though that some things have changed:

    AAT have amended the Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment from 1 January 2018. The
    following key changes have been made:
    • Indirect tax will no longer be assessed within the synoptic assessment.
    • The current Task 1.3 has been removed and the content will now be tested in the new
    Task 2.1 (spreadsheets) in the updated assessment.
    • The current Task 2.1 (spreadsheets) has been removed and the content will now be examined
    in the remaining spreadsheet tasks.
    Additional spreadsheet skills to be assessed
    The following three spreadsheet skills are now included in the skills list for the assessment:
    • Roundup
    • Rounddown
    • Statistical technique: forecast - These I did not know how to use and only found out a week ago that these had changed.
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