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Help again!! - Practice paper 1 - Q.1.4 - (D)


Please can someone explain the below and how the answer is worked out! thanks in advance....

The retail shop's delivery costs vary in linear manner and can be expressed using the regression equation
y = a + bx, where x = number of units delivered

The total delivery costs for 200 units and 2,000 units are £5,000 and £14,000 respectively

Calculate the values of a and b
Value of a: 4,000
Value of B: 5

I cant figure this one out....


  • mergenmergen Just Joined Registered Posts: 105
    Use High-Low method.
  • SineadpSineadp Registered Posts: 67

    2000-200 = 1800


    200*5.00= 1000
    5000-1000=4000 (A)


    2000*5.00= 10,000
    14,000-10,000=4000 (A)

    B= 5.00
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