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Hi - I'm currently on Level 3 studying one day a week at college, it's going well and I'm interested in studying Level 4 but would have to do this as an online study as I wouldn't be able to have a day out of work. I've looked at the Kaplan courses - is anyone doing the course online - how do you find it, is it easy to keep up with everything, how have you found the exams - any advice is welcome - Thanks!


  • Norvydas
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    Hi TorHeb,

    I am currently doing online study Level 4, however I am not with Kaplan I am with Premier Training. I've done my Level 3 with them and everything went very well. Assignments / Mock Exams are marked by tutor and you get them back next day. Telephone / online support from tutor. Weekly webinars by tutors. They have MyPTA, which has all information you need for studying, such as your assignments, timetable, videos of each chapter, quiz after each chapter. Workbooks and Tutorials came next day I've signed up and they are Osborne. Can't fault them really!
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    I'm doing distance learning online with Kaplan for level 4 after being at college for levels 2 &3 and honestly I find them useless.
    I wish I hadn't have wasted money on the course as all I have is the books and am left to myself with everything else. I've tried to get in touch with "my tutor" to see if I'm missing anything and they said it's all on my Mykaplan account but everything that is on there you get free when you purchase the books any way.
    I'm lucky that I don't need the support but if you think you will rely on a tutor I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
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