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I am currently working as a part time bookkeeper. I have received a another bookkeeping job for few hours a week. However they want me to do this as a self employed bookkeeper. How do I register? It is only for under 10 hours a week?


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    Dear Jennykiru,

    To register as self-employed simply write Self-Employed registration HMRC in google, you will be put through to hmrc website where you can register as Self-Employed. You will receive your UTR number anywhere from 1week to 6 weeks. UTR - Unique Tax Payer Reference Number. You will have your own personal business account with HMRC, through that account you will be able to file your self employment returns and etc.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
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    Are you a licensed bookkeeper with AAT?
    If not you may be required to apply for a licence. Also you may have to hold professional indemnity insurance and register for money laundering.
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    How are you getting on with your quest to register self employed. I have recently started up self employed myself and still ironing out all the cracks.
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