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I hope this post is appropriate and acceptable for this forum, and apologise in advance if it is not!

I represent a company who assists accountants in building their web and social media presence. This is done primarily through ghost writing articles for them regarding taxation issues, which are subsequently posted online. These enable the firms presence on google to be enhanced, which when combined with outreach on social media results in increased incoming enquiries for their accountancy services.

We currently have an excess of work that requires us to explore alternative ways to complete the articles required. Hence we are asking if their is any interest from members of this forum in becoming ghost writers for us.

The articles themselves are between 500-700 words long, and (with practice) can be completed in an hour. We pay £12.50 for these articles. They are targeted towards the general public so they focus on broad subjects (such as Directors loan account) presented in an easy to digest layperson friendly way.

To provide a flavour of the topics covered in these articles, below is a list of our most popular articles in the last 60 days

1 - Buy-to-let landlord tax changes 2018
2 - R&D tax credits
3 - SEIS and EIS
4 - How to get clients to pay their bills in half the time
5 - Requirement To Correct
6 - Card Transaction Programme
7 - Salary dividend split 2018/2019
8 - 5 ways to improve your cash flow
9 - 5 things you need to know to get a commercial mortgage
10 - Beware director's/personal guarantees

If anyone is interested and wishes to learn more, please could they PM with their details and I will answer any questions, and provide guidelines as to what needs to happen next

Thank you for reading


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    For some reason I am unable to direct message you however I am interested in this opportunity and would like more information.

    My email is [email protected]

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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