Looking for AAT Level 3 Study Materials to buy

Callum2612 Registered Posts: 2

Recently completed AAT level 2 qualification and went through an online study provider, however i thought the fee was high considering i didn't use the tutor support & only needed the study buddy guided folders.

Looking for someone who would be selling AAT level 3 (AQ2016) study books, i have the osbourne books but there is no guide as such (I find guided study much easier) i would be looking to buy the complete set if possible.

Any questions feel free to message/ask for my personal email.



  • Callum2612
    Callum2612 Registered Posts: 2
    Also, if anyone could point me in the right direction to any study providers that would sell study materials seperate from the entire course,

    would be a massive help!

    Thanks in advance :)
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