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Can someone explain?

Zeeshan_AjaibZeeshan_Ajaib Registered Posts: 6
What would the T account for this look like?


  • ClareJoClareJo Registered Posts: 11
    It would look like the excravinar of the t symbol
  • CheesypeesyCheesypeesy MAAT Posts: 102
    Okay, so in the last quarter £31,650 was due to HMRC, which means it's on the credit side (a liability).The payment of the liability should have been on the debit side, i.e. reducing the liability.

    However, the payment was posted on the wrong side (the credit side), so last quarter's balance was £63,300. Adding the amount due to HMRC in this quarter, we get a credit balance of £100,125.

    So in essence all the postings mentioned will be on the credit side.
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