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Hi All
If those working in the college give me ideas here regarding taking apprentice straight to Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting when they have not done any Foundation level courses such as level 2 or background accountancy training.
My question is, can they be registered with AAT to sit level 3 Exams when they have not done any level 2. The college is charging the full Apprenticeship cost for Level 3 Accountancy Assistant, but , unable to recover cost if they they have to teach them at level 2 first, the funding rules does not provide for that. Can a student be registered straight to sit Advanced Accounting without any prior knowledge.

Any suggestion will help, as the college I just joined are unsure what they are doing, because Employers would want their students straight to Advanced Accounting. Grateful.


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    Dear 5060,

    If you wish you can go straight away for Level 4 Professional Diploma, there are no restrictions on which level you can start. If you have never been involved in accounting then it is recommended to start from Level 2, if you have basic experience in accounting it is best to start in Level 3. I've done Level 2, 3 and I am on Level 4 at the moment, I've done a mistake that I've took Level 2 as it was very basic and straightforwards.

    If you sign up for Level 3 Apprenticeship you won't need to take Level 2 exams, you can do Level 3 straight away.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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    Thanks, very useful.
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