Real salaries?

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Does anybody have an idea what the salary for AAT Level 4 qualified really is? I don't know if you ever felt the same way, but I finished Level 4 AAT around 5 months ago, got the MAAT status and started my ACCA through my current employer. I do understand the ACCA course is also a cost to my employer, which may reduce my salary, but I am doing it under the apprenticeship and we get funding, so my employer only pays 10% of the total costs...

Does anybody know how much the average firm in Yorkshire pays to the Assistant Accountant, who completed AAT Level 4 (I have got 4 years of relevant experience) and is doing ACCA? Or without ACCA? I get £18.5k per annum, which seems really really low, and I don't know if that is a hint to look for another job?

I would appreciate any feedback from you, who are in the similar position. At least I would really be able to compare the earnings, and maybe find out I am exaggerating..


  • burg
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    As an employer my guide has been approx £23k for newly qualified. We are south west England.

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    I know what you mean Adam, I am in Yorkshire, just finished Level 2 (no study support) accounts admin and on 19k. I hope by Level 4 I am earning around 25k at least or what is the point of all the debt (basic Admin / . It does seem once part qualified you can command between £30-40k from jobs in Leeds / Sheffield I was looking at only the other day.
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