Striking down a company

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Hi just got a clients who wants to close a limited company down ( been active for a year without trade). Companies confirmation statement due between 1st June to 15 June 2018 and annual accounts up to 30 June 2018 due after.

Is the procedure to complete and send form DSO1 to companies house and notify HMRC of the fact that no tax liability is due?



  • burg
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    If they have not traded for the previous year then you need to complete a DS01 and pay the £10 fee. No need to notify HMRC as nothing owed.
    No need to file confirmation statement or 2018 accounts either.

  • MarieNoelle
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    Agree with @burg but HMRC can sometimes be inconsistent - if they have already sent a notice to file a CT return, you may want to write to them to say there is no liability so they do not expect a return and won't object to the DS01.
  • Dee42
    Dee42 Registered Posts: 10
    Thanks Burg and Marie
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