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Afternoon all

Bit of a random question, but I'm after a promotion at work. Currently accounts supervisor but not really sure where to go from here. I think Finance Manager or Financial Controller is a bit extreme but I've no idea on the structure of corporate accounting (always worked for small businesses where I was the only person in the accounts).My Team is growing, as is the company, so we're looking to build a proper finance department.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed



  • David Ballantyne
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    Hi Dan,

    I once interviewed for a role entitled Finance Manager where the team would have been me and a part-time finance clerk. I think you can pretty much call yourself what you like.

    When I searched the Reed jobsite for Accounts Supervisor roles, they were essentially supervising bookkeeper roles which were reporting to the Company Accountant or Financial Controller.

    Finance Manager roles on Reed seem to include all the duties of Accounts Supervisors plus all aspects of monthly management accounting and statutory accounts.

    Financial Controller roles are all looking for accountants qualified to chartered level with several years post qualification experience and offer salaries around £60k. The roles essentially seem to be finance director roles where the individual is not actually a director. Fully responsible for all aspects of accounting in the business.

    You have not given details of your role, but I suspect, based on what I have found on the Reed site, that Finance Manager would be an appropriate title.

    Do some research on Reed and other jobsites and decide for yourself based on how what you actually do compares with the job descriptions given.


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