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Practice Assessment 2 - Task 6


Can someone please help me with this task?
Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!


  • lyndsey1570lyndsey1570 Registered Posts: 11
    @Zana I am assuming you mean the starred question ? Breakeven = Fixed costs/ contribution. so in this case 6310150/35(contribution per seat)= 180290.

    To get the 35 ( selling price per seat-contribution per seat) so £70-£35

    Hope this helps :)
  • ZanaZana AAT Student Posts: 27
    Hi @Lyndsey1570, thank you! do you think you could help me with the rest as well? The star was there just for me-question, that I am struggling with... I am sorry for the confusion...
  • lyndsey1570lyndsey1570 Registered Posts: 11
    no problem @Zana sorry here's the breakdown of how i worked this answer out :)

    So Selling price per seat = Turnover/occupied seats (16800000/240000) = £70 per seat
    Occupancy rate %= occupied seats/ available x 100 (240,000/300,000 x 100) = 80%
    Variable cost per seat occupied= variable costs/ occupied seats (8400000/240000) = £35
    Gross profit margin (says in question assume GP excludes fixed costs)= Variable costs/turnover (8400000/16800000 x 100) = 50%
    Fixed costs per seat occupied = fixed costs/ occupied seats = (6310150/240000)= £26 remember to round up to nearest whole number
    Contribution per seat = Sales price-variable costs = £70-£35=£35
    Breakeven = see above answer :)
    Breakeven turnover £ breakeven in seats x sales price = 180290 x £70= £12620300
    Margin of safety = Occupied seats - breakeven/ occupied seats x 100 so 240,000- 180290/240000 x 100 = 24.88%
    Mark up on total cost = profit/total cost x 100 = turnover - variable costs- fixed costs = (16800000-8400000-6310150) = 2089850
    Total costs = variable costs + fixed costs = 14710150
    Therefore answer is 2089850/1470150 x 100 = 14.21%

    Any questions just let me know sorry if i have laid this out really confusing Goodluck for the exam whenever it is!
  • ZanaZana AAT Student Posts: 27
    Wonderful! Thanks a lot @lyndsey1570 !!!
  • alexnwaalexnwa Registered Posts: 21
    Thank you a lot for your the answer. @lyndsey1570
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