AAT Level 4 or CIMA Certificate

Probably a long shot but looking for someone who opted for CIMA certificate instead of AAT Level 4.

I'm going to do CIMA as my chartered anyway so looking to move over now, but wondering if anyone has any ideas on whether its do-able and if they'd recommend.

Any relevant responses would be big help


  • David Ballantyne
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    I did not opt for CIMA certificate instead of AAT Level 4. I studied CIMA to Advance Diploma level then joined AAT. So not quite what you are looking for.

    I am responding to your query because I don't understand why you are considering not doing AAT Level 4. If you completed AAT Level 4, you would be given exemption from CIMA certificate, you would have completed the AAT exams and, if you have enough experience, you can gain the full AAT qualification. The full AAT qualification would help with your career marketing because it would give employers assurance that you have verified experience at that level. Even if you don't yet have enough experience yet, you are likely to satisfy the experience requirements of AAT before you gain the necessary experience to qualify with CIMA.


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